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3-Carat/5-Carat Moissanit Ring



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Why Choose Moissanite
We have chosen the purest moissanite diamond as the main part for this ring.
The angle of cut of Moissanite diamonds is closely calculated to perfectly refract light, as if it were a rainbow.
The diamond has a clarity of VVS1/VVS2 and a near-clear color. It has the same sincere quality as every guest who selects a ring.

What is moissanite?

Moissanite is one of the most brilliant gemstones in the world. Composed of carbon and silicon, its scientific name is silicon carbide. Being composed of 50% carbon, it is the diamond's cousin and shares many similar properties with diamond including a very diamond like appearance. However where it differs is that Moissanite possesses fire, brilliance and luster that surpasses even that of a diamond. The Moissanite crystal is one of the hardest and toughest known elements on earth, making it extremely resistant to scratching, chipping and breaking.

Is moissanite as good as a diamond?

Moissanite scores 9.25 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness. That makes it the hardest gemstone used in jewelry next to diamonds (which is a 10). Sparkle wise, moissanite has an even higher refractive index than diamonds, so it's even sparklier than a diamond. Moissanite can also resist heat just as well as diamonds.

Is Moissanite natural or man-made?

Moissanite does occur in nature, however, the crystals are tiny and rare. In fact, they are so scarce that enough gem-quality natural moissanite doesn't exist to create a pair of solitaire earrings. Today, beautiful lab-created moissanite jewels are available through a proprietary and patented thermal growth process. The growth process is very involved, technology intense and expensive all factors which prevent mass production of Moissanite.

Will Moissanite change color with time?

Moissanite is an extremely stable gemstone, and as such, it is impossible for the color to change with time, just as it is impossible for a diamond to change color with time.

Will Moissainte become dull and fade with time?

Moissanite is one of the hardest, toughest and more durable substances on earth. It is as atomically stable as a diamond, and in some ways even moreso (i.e. it can withstand greater heat than diamond). Therefore it's impossible for it cloud, dull or fade with time. It is the type of heirloom gemstone that can be passed down from generation to generation and look just as brilliant as the day it was first purchased.

Is moissanite an ideal cut stone?

Carefully and precisely faceted, our moissanite gemstone is cut according to exact angles and proportions specific to moissanite. When cutting moissanite, precision is critical to maximizing its brilliance and enhancing its incredible fire.

Do larger Moissanite gemstones look fake?

No, larger carat weight Moissanites look every bit as diamond like as the smaller Moissanite gemstones. The reason other diamond alternatives such as CZ appear glassy in the larger carat weights is due to "windowing" or light leakage because of the inferior optical properties.
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